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DSE’s baseball division is comprised of a team of agents who are experienced, dedicated legal and athletic professionals.  We work extremely hard to provide a wide range of comprehensive services that are specifically tailored to match the personal and professional goals of each individual baseball athlete.




Baseball Equipment:

We understand how important it is for baseball players to have the right bats, gloves, spikes, and other baseball essentials.  So at DSE we are very responsive to the needs of our clients and in getting their equipment to them in a timely fashion.


Sports Psychologist:

It is commonly understood, but seldom put into action, that the vast majority of baseball players at the professional level have the physical skills necessary to perform at a very high level.  It is the athlete who can combine extraordinary mental toughness with his physical skills that truly achieves at the highest level. 



As your baseball agent, DSE gives you access to first-rate baseball training facilities all over the United States. We give you the option to choose a training facility that is the best fit for you.




At DSE we strongly believe our clients should always get the money they deserve at every opportunity they can.  A player’s career can be over in an instant. Our DSE team of agents, who are legal and athletic professionals have over years of combined experience in drafting and contract negotiations, including sports and entertainment deals. Player contracts, endorsements, and other kinds of legal agreements can contain dangerous pitfalls for inexperienced players and their representatives.


That is why it is critical to have experienced attorneys on your side to make sure your legal rights are protected and maximized in every deal. We will not be out-worked. We will maximize our clients earning potential at every opportunity.  We are aggressive negotiators and fight incredibly hard for every single dollar that our clients deserve.




DSE arranges personal appearances and merchandise endorsement agreements for both current and former professional athletes. Athletes without experienced agents can sign into endorsement contracts and miss out on capitalizing from every opportunity that may arise. DSE knows the business of endorsements and marketing, and is committed to maximizing its clients’ ability to benefit from all opportunities. It’s our responsibility to extend your fan base and make the most of your career.


DSE has relationships with companies all over the country to provide its athletes with a multitude of opportunities in a variety of areas including shoes, trading cards, video games, sports drinks, car sponsorship, dealerships, equipment, phone companies, nutritional products, pharmaceuticals, small businesses, etc.


All athletes should be marketed. Many large agencies do not have enough time to market every client. At DSE, you will receive the attention you deserve. You focus on your athletic career; we focus on your opportunities.




DSE believes that building a strong public image is a critical part of your career development. We have the ability to promote you through various forms of media. DSE starts building your profile prior to the Draft and continues throughout your entire career. Your public image consists of several components including your performance on the field, how you conduct yourself off the field and, finally, how you contribute to your local community.




At DSE we are well aware of the short-lived nature of a professional athletic career, which is fraught with injuries that can continue long past a player’s retirement.  With that in mind, our athlete representation team works closely with financial and investment planning specialists to help guide you in your wealth management and post-career/retirement planning to help secure your and your family’s future.


One truism that all players must take into account is that your money is your money, and you must be in charge of it. 

Our team will help with and coordinate the best solutions for:

  • Tax Implications

  • Financial Coordination & Money Management

  • Income Tax Preparation




We believe strongly that every player (and every team) should be and wants to be involved in the community.  We help with all kinds of community involvement from forming or partnering with a non-profit and volunteering with youth-related charities.




Post-career financial stability is determined by how well a player has worked to take care of, learn and manage his finances during his baseball-playing career. DSE baseball agents not only manage players’ careers while they are playing, but consider life after sports. Career longevity is ideal, but agents focus on establishing the right contract for the average career span of a professional athlete. As a part of the DSE family, we work hard to be involved and manage any aspects of a player’s post-career needs, from the beginning.

The transition can be difficult, but DSE prepares athletes for success on and off the field. Goals post-retirement are as important as in-season play, and we will work hard to help prepare them for the next part of their lives.



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