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DSE works with artists (songwriters, producers, engineers, instrumentalists/musicians, etc.) on all matters related to their musical careers. We primarily concentrate on helping our clients reach fans directly, and assisting clients in running their own recording, publishing, merchandising and performing/touring operations. 


While our clients focus on their music we consistently contact people on their behalf who can help advance their career and create new opportunities. When the music is completely finalized and ready we provide the material to well-known executives, producers and studios in the music industry. We keep an eye on the behind the scenes goings-on in the music industry as well. IF YOU QUALIFY, we promise to take your career to the next level so you can continue to make great music. 


In addition DSE helps assist you in management, marketing, event production and web promotion. We oversee project-based campaigns – such as a release, A&R outreach and creating a bigger buzz on social media. We provide professional advice on whatever questions arise as needed. Whether it’s consultation, how to book your group, reaching out to other industry professionals, or to strategize a campaign to get you to the top. 




We assist our clients with consulting, coordinating and producing events. Including publicity, sales, booking talent and any other necessary essentials for success.




  • Up-to-date expertise on all the biggest and best ways of gaining and reaching out to fans and potential consumers.

  • Website design, from personal or corporate sites, to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook organizations, and more.

  • Project based campaigns can be managed for social media outreach and web public relations.



*Full management service is also available on a percentage basis for artists already breaking or established.

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