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Ivan De Irish

Founder & Chief Executive Officer


George Washington University

Master's of Professional Studies


Sports & Entertainment Law


Temple University

Bachelor's of Liberal Arts



Ivan is a noted deal-maker that draws from a diversified background in talent management, marketing, branding, social media, publishing and international business. His extensive knowledge of and passion for sports and entertainment accompanied by his experiences in both the NFL and NBA markets qualify him to advise and consult client-athletes during their transition from collegiate to professional sports and throughout their careers.


In the past he has assisted various sports management firms in the recruitment and development of new client-athletes. Ivan was responsible for maintaining ever-expanding networks of both NBA and NFL talent that has helped build upon his reputation in sports management and the services he provides his clients.


Ivan has an extensive network of executives and team personnel contacts across all professional levels. He leverages this network to create opportunities for his clients.  Ivan is a skilled contract negotiator that serves the best interest of his clients. He has a genuine interest in everyone he talks to, and it has become a personality trait his clients quickly pick up on. With more than 8 years of sports management experience, Ivan has developed innovative marketing strategies for a wide range of clients including multiple NFL/NBA athletes, sports properties, media personalities, national brands and more.


As an aggressive deal maker, Ivan proposes that each successful contract negotiation should be paired with relative local and national marketing deals. Whether it's an endorsement deal with a national brand or an appearance at a local car dealership or website monetization. His mission is to never leave revenue on the table as he explores a range of opportunities for his clients.


Ivan strongly believes that it is important to establish a genuine relationship with his clients and maintain the role as a mentor to them. 


“Your clients should always know that you have their best interest at heart and want to see them become successful on and off the court or field”  - Ivan De Irish


Born in Bronx, New York, Ivan De Irish is a graduate of Temple and George Washington University.




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