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DSE is aligned with some of the top trainers across the country that will allow NBA Draft candidates to prepare themselves for the workout circuit with regular or extended programs.  We collaborate with these experienced professionals to give the player a detailed plan that focuses on specific areas of need.


Most importantly, our agency works with some of the most reputable and highly skilled agents in the business.  They are well known among NBA executives for integrity and dependability. At DSE we prepare our clients to meet all the challenges that lie ahead. We make sure they are informed at each step along the way.  At any level of our organization, we try to provide our clients with every possible tool to help them successfully reach their goals.


Pre-Draft Planning

  • Develop media packages highlighting DSE client for prospective NBA teams

  • Arrange interviews for DSE client with prospective NBA teams

  • Secure a Strength, Agility and Quickness Coach as well as a Basketball Skills Coach to prepare DSE client for Pre-Draft workouts

  • Arrange Pre-Draft workout schedule for DSE client

  • Assist in securing a financial consultant and institution for DSE client

  • Assist in securing a personal accountant for DSE client


Post-Draft Planning

  • Secure a real estate agent or property management company to help DSE client with living accomodations in NBA city

  • Find a local banking institution for DSE client

  • Research and secure a personal chef/nutritionist for DSE client in NBA city

  • Arrange a strategic Public Relations, Marketing and Community Outreach meeting with new NBA organization for DSE client




DSE is certified by both the NBA Players Association and FIBA and brings a wealth of NBA and international experience to the bargaining table.  Of course, it is the goal of every professional basketball player to prosper financially by playing this game.  Negotiation can be complex — it requires experience and a comprehensive understanding of market values, both past and present.  That’s why DSE will communicate openly with clients about financial objectives at all stages of the negotiation process.  Each contract is negotiated to be as lucrative as possible and continue the player’s career development.




Marketing and endorsement opportunities may be available to our NBA clientele or high-level international players. DSE will focus on identifying situations that will allow the client to increase his value through public appearances, shoe and apparel deals, trading cards, or any other medium that becomes available.  We are constantly exploring new ideas to improve the marketability of an individual through technology.




DSE believes that building a strong public image is a critical part of your career development. We have the ability to promote you through various forms of media. DSE starts building your profile prior to the Draft and continues throughout your entire career. Your public image consists of several components including your performance on the court, how you conduct yourself off the court and, finally, how you contribute to your local community.




We are here to handle your business off the court, while you take care of business on the court. Constant contact helps us identify the different stages you are going through in your career, and with our experience we are able to manage those stages accordingly.

The only thing you need to worry about is playing the game and we are able to handle the rest.

• Financial Resources
• Contract Negotiations
• Quality NBA Contacts
• Marketing & Publicity




We prepare you for what to expect after your NBA career. At DSE we are always focused on thinking ahead. We make sure you don’t fall into the large group of struggling retired athletes. From day one we will put you with the best financial experts to create a plan that keeps you in a position to stay financially secure after your career. We help you leverage your platform as an NBA player to open doors, create opportunities, and maximize NBA alumnae benefits such as professional training, education, Broadcast Boot Camp, MBA programs, etc.

-Financial Security
-Investment Opportunities

-Living Situations
-Becoming a Community Leader





Preparation is key in order to successfully transition into the next phase of your life. With early planning, our team will help you funnel your interests into another passion. 

• Coaches
• Broadcasters
• Personal Trainers

• Teachers
• Business Owners
• Financial Advisors


And many other positions in various fields…



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