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DSE advises, markets, and represents coaches to assist them in reaching their professional and financial goals. We focus on assisting coaches with their off-the court/field dealings so they can focus on succeeding. Some of the ways we take the off-the-court/field pressure away from our clients are through career development, marketing, job placement support, job interview preparation, and contract negotiations.


Our team possesses expertise in the various intricacies of coaching contracts, enhancing clients earning potential and protecting their best interests. DSE is dedicated to providing innovative, detail-oriented, and coach-specific management to each client. We form long-term relationships with our clients and view all of our clients and their families as family.




We are an available sounding board and counsel for our clients. We establish long-term relationships with our clients, helping them continuously grow within the profession and reach their desired goals.




While we do not promise that we will get clients any position that they are interested in, we do promise to work as hard as possible with each client to put them in the best position to obtain their desired position.




We focus on the overall scope of the contract, not just salary. While we do strive to maximize our client’s earning potential, we also work to include contract language that protects our clients as much as possible. We also help eliminate the possible uncomfortableness of salary negotiations and establishing termination terms (by employer and coach) with new or current employers.




We help client’s become more visible within the industry and establish their own personal “brand”, while also assisting them in maximizing potential outside income opportunities that may be available.




Clients will not be alone when they finally are presented with an opportunity to interview for a position that they desire. We will assist clients in the preparation process so they can be confident about acing the interview.

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