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Dominique provides the athletes with support for all daily client service needs. She serves as a resource for our clients, monitoring professional and personal obligations, tracking payment obligations of companies endorsed by our clients, and overseeing other client obligations. In addition, Dominique oversees all administrative matters for our clients as well as our practice, and has extensive knowledge in finance and business management including but not limited to: Personal Banking, Cash Flow Budgeting, Personal Acquisitions, Analysis of Business Opportunities, Accounting and Tax Evaluation & Preparation


Dominique is heavily involved in the day-to-day maintenance, logistics and overall assistance of DSE’s clients and staff. As DSE’s utility player, Dominique performs varying tasks within the company, from planning corporate functions to maintaining every-day business needs. Her focus is making sure our clients’ needs are met on and off the court and field. From family travel to ticket requests, as well as managing logistics for athlete’s community and charity events. Dominique takes great pride in making sure DSE stands alone in terms of first class client maintenance and service.


Dominique has been in the industry of client services for five years and has also worked with a financial success company since 2012. In the past she has had extensive training in banking and the home based business industry of network marketing.


Born in Detroit, Michigan, Dominique Hackett is a graduate of Florida A&M University.

Dominique A. Hackett

Client Services Coordinator


Florida A&M University

M.B.A., Business Administration

B.A., Business Administration

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